Book Room

  • Wirwachsalen

The building is one of the thirty-eight manors (Malmgårdar) that remain in Stockholm. They are similiar to mansions and began to be established during the 1600s when they were predominantly used as summer homes for Swedish nobility.Typical for these manors were the beautiful and extensive gardens where it was often cultivated medicinal plants. When Wirwach and his partner Seckpiehl lived here with their wives there were also 80 fruit trees in the garden.

Over the years the house has been used as a silk industry, a ragged school for young boys, a political party office premises, as well as a headquarters for architects. All these different characteristics have been housed in this property during the 240 years since it was built. One can only imagine the tide of history and what happened in this house. The saying is that the house may be haunted at times.

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