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We are not going to write a whole Stockholm guide, because supposedly you can find a lot of them. We will instead give you inside tips of what exciting things to do and see are waiting for you around the corner from the hotel.

Old Town and Guardian at the Royal Palace. In the summer, it’s extra exciting with the guarding by horse from the Royal Cavalry. If you are lucky you can see someone from the royal family in the audience at the changing of the guard. The Vasamuseet with the salvaged regal ship Vasa, is a must. Likewise Skansen, the world’s first outdoor museum, with old buildings and environments from all parts of Sweden. Here you get an exciting way to get to know how people seemed and lived before – how they eg. blew glass, carved or printed in the past. There are many museums with amazing and world-renowned collections; Modern Museum, Nordic Museum, National Museum, Ethnographic Museum and the Technical Museum. You can enjoy the most beautiful view from Monteliusvägen, which is located on the hill behind Mariatorget, walk up the stairs there and be exalted to the view of the Old Town and the City Hall on the other side of Riddarfjärden, one of Stockholms iconic water mirrors.

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Hellstens hotell är utrustade med konferenslokaler som går att boka…. Detta är ett exempelutdrag


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